Terp Young Scholars

Grades, Credits, and Transcript


Terp Young Scholars is an academic program. Terp Scholars are admitted as non-degree seeking students to the University of Maryland for the Summer Session. Students are registered for one three-credit university course for which a grade and credits will be earned. The course may not be taken pass-fail or audit. The grade and credits earned will post to the UMD transcript and will be part of the student academic record.


The University uses plus/minus grading.

Grades are not mailed. To view your grades, see Online Transactions: Grades (View Your Current Grades).

To determine when the grade posts to the student record, see Program Calendar.

Official Transcript

The course grade and earned credits post to the official UMD transcript. The University issues an official transcript upon request. This is not an automatic process. When you need an official transcript, see Learn More on Transcripts.

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