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Student Conduct, Academic Integrity, and Student Rights

Terp Scholars are admitted to UMD as non-degree seeking students for the Summer Session and are subject to UMD and program policies and regulations. Violation of any part of the codes listed below is subject to immediate dismissal from the program. In the Confirmation of Admission process, both student and parent/guardian verify that they have reviewed, understand, and agree to abide with the following codes:

Conduct Referral Process

Anyone may refer a student, student organization, or student group suspected of violating the Terp Young Scholars’ Code of Student Conduct. Written referrals are preferred.

The Office of Extended Studies will review all referrals for reasonable cause; this means that the Office will review the allegations to determine whether there is evidence, which if true, would result in sanctioning.

Retaliation against anyone for reporting an alleged violation of the Code of Student Conduct is strictly prohibited and persons who retaliate will be considered for further disciplinary action. 

How to make a Referral:

  • Submit a Conduct Referral Form (the link to this form can also found on the Terp Young Scholars ELMS page).
  • Contact mentor staff duty phone.
  • Send an email to the Terp Young Scholars email (tys@umd.edu).
  • Call the Terp Young Scholars office (301-405-7762) Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Speak directly to mentor or professional staff.

Course Recording

Online synchronous course meetings may be recorded. When sessions are being recorded instructors will verbally announce the recording. Recorded material will be accessible to and only used by students enrolled in that course via the course's secure ELMS page. Recorded material is designed to assist students with studying and accessibility and disability accommodation.

Students who participate with their camera engaged or utilize a profile image are consenting to have their video or image recorded. If you are unwilling to consent to have your profile or video image recorded, it is the student's responsibility to turn your camera off and/or remove any profile image when recording is announced. Likewise, students who un-mute during recorded class sessions and participate orally are consenting to have their voices recorded. If you are not willing to consent to have your voice recorded during class, you will need to keep your mute button activated and communicate exclusively using the "chat" feature, which allows students to type questions and comments live.

Note: Not every Terp Young Scholars course will utilize recording. In addition, due to course content  a select number of courses require students to use their webcam at all times, even while recording. Any student who is enrolled in a course with this requirement will be directly contacted via email.

If you have any questions regarding the Terp Young Scholars' Recorded Video Consent information please contact us at tys@umd.edu.

Directory ID

In the Confirmation of Admission process, Terp Scholars must first activate the Directory ID. This is used to access University online resources such as program forms, payment, and course information. If you did not use your U.S. Social Security number on the application, you were assigned a random University number called ‘SID’. You will need the SID to activate your Directory ID. To obtain this number, email: tys@umd.edu

Group Fitness Informed Consent

Campus Recreation and Wellness Services (RecWell) requires that all students submit a completed Group Fitness Program Informed Consent Form. If not submitted by the confirmation deadline, the student will be unable to participate in program activities. 

As a registered UMD student, you have access to most, but not all, UMD RecWell facilities. RecWell states that students under 18 years of age are not permitted in weight rooms, fitness rooms, saunas, or aerobics/fitness classes. Use of pools, track, and various courts is permitted.


The email submitted on the application is used as the e-mail of record for all UMD correspondence. The email submitted on the application is used as the email of record for all UMD correspondence. This includes campus alerts. For more information, see UMD Alerts.

Course instructors also use the email of record to disseminate information. It is the responsibility of the admitted student to ensure that s/he receives such emails. The student may change the email of record. Students who have confirmed admission may set-up a University email account. Students have access to this account up through the last day of the program.

Accessibility and Disability Support Services

Students with a documented disability are eligible to receive the accommodations necessary to ensure equal access to campus programs. To receive these accommodations, you must register with University of Maryland's Accessibility and Disability Support Services.


Terp Scholars are admitted to the University of Maryland as non-degree seeking students for the Summer Session. As such, they are subject university policies, particularly the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA states that the access rights that parents/legal guardians have in the secondary school setting are transferred to students, once a student has turned eighteen, or is attending any post-secondary educational institution. UMD employees, including instructors, are prohibited from sharing individual information unless the student provides consent.

Granting Parent Access to Student Records: After admission, Terp Scholars can grant parent access to student account information by visiting the Registrar’s website. The University has implemented an enhanced system to provide a more secure means for parents/guardians to access student information online. Parents/guardians who wish to access their student's records must do so using a UMD account. Once the parent UMD account is created parents can log in directly to student records. This access permission relates only to grades, class schedule, account balances, and unofficial transcripts. 

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