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Terp Scholars are responsible for making choices and organizing their time as part of exploring the independence of university life. Residential Terp Scholars are supervised by program mentors in the residence halls, during all program-related activities, and at dinner. Course instructors and teaching assistants supervise students in the classrooms. Activity instructors also provide supervision during these events. With the exception of scheduled course field trips and planned program activities, residential students are required to remain on the UMD campus at all times. Residential Terp Scholars are expected to:

  • Wake up each day in a timely manner sufficient to eat breakfast and attend class without mentor supervision,
  • Walk to and from class and all campus scheduled activities without mentor supervision,
  • Eat lunch without mentor supervision, and
  • Complete all course-related work without mentor supervision.

Residence Hall

Residential students are housed in traditional-style, air-conditioned campus dormitories. Occupancy ranges from 1 to 4 persons of the same gender. Each floor accommodates either males or females. Residents have access to study lounges and laundry facilities. Some rooms are accessible for persons with disabilities.


Roommate and room assignments are made on a random basis, although we try to assign roommates according to course enrollment. Students should expect to live with a student of the same gender in a double bedroom; however, there are cases in which a student is assigned a room with no roommate. Assignments will not be provided until program check-in day. Specific roommate requests must be made in writing and sent to ysp@umd.edu by June 20. Only mutual requests by students will be considered. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests but this is not guaranteed.

Dining Services

Residential students enjoy meals in a designated campus dining hall or at various on-campus eateries. If your course has a scheduled all-day field trip, lunch is provided. Lunch is not provided on the Sunday of the Washington, D.C. field trip. Students need to have sufficient cash to purchase lunch on these days. Students who require dietary accommodations will submit a request after admission.

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