Terp Young Scholars

Residential Option

Residential Students


Terp Scholars are responsible for making choices and organizing their time as part of exploring the independence of university life. In the classroom, Terp Scholars are supervised by course instructors and teaching assistants. For seminars and workshops, instructors for provide supervision during these events. For residential Terp Scholars, program mentors provide supervision in the residence halls, at all program-related activities, and at dinner.

Program mentors are selected UMD undergraduate students who work under the guidance of the program’s professional staff. All mentors complete federal and state child protective services and criminal background checks. The mentors supervise students in the dormitories to ensure safe, appropriate behavior. Mentors also supervise activities, encourage students to explore the University and accompany those students to dinner who are uncomfortable going alone or cannot find a group to eat with, and provide participants with an insider’s view of what college life is like. The mentors live in the residence hall with the program participants (15 students: 1 mentor ratio). Mentors are responsible for responding to any situations that may arise, and for doing nightly curfew checks.

Terp Scholars will be responsible for attending classes on their own and for productively managing their time with minimal supervision during the day. This allows participants to explore the independence of college life while still having a modicum of supervision and guidelines in place. Residential Terp Scholars are expected to:

  • Wake up each day in a timely manner sufficient to eat breakfast and attend class without mentor supervision,
  • Walk to and from class and meals and all campus scheduled activities without mentor supervision,
  • Seek academic support from course staff, including instructors and teaching assistants,
  • Eat meals without mentor supervision, and
  • Complete all course-related work without mentor supervision.
  • To help Terp Scholars acclimate to the campus, program mentors escort students to class and meals for the program’s first three days.

Terp Scholars has a strict Curfew Policy:

  • With the exception of scheduled course field trips and planned program activities, residential students are required to remain on the UMD campus at all times. Residential students are required to be in their assigned residential room Sunday through Thursday night, 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., and Friday and Saturday night, midnight to 6:00 a.m. Mentors conduct curfew checks. Should a student be unaccounted for, program staff immediately will contact the student’s parent/guardian. Campus police will be notified. Failure to adhere to this policy is subject to immediate dismissal from the program without a refund.

Terp Scholars has a strict Permission to Leave Campus Policy:

  • Residential students wishing to leave campus for special events, weekends, etc., must have written permission signed by the parent/guardian. Leave requests must be received at least 24 hours in advance and must include student’s full name, parent/guardian name and contact information, times, dates, reason for leaving campus, and the name of adult the student is leaving with if other than a parent/guardian. Violation of this leave policy may lead to immediate dismissal from the program. See Permission to Leave Campus Form

Residence Hall & Roommates

Residence Hall Layout

Residential students are housed in traditional-style, air-conditioned campus dormitories. Occupancy ranges from 1 to 4 persons of the same gender. Each floor accommodates either males or females. Some rooms are accessible for persons with disabilities. All students have a twin bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, and closet space.

  • There are no refrigerators, televisions, telephones, lamps, end tables, decorations, or alarm clocks.
  • Each room is complete with an activated data jack for each residential participant.
  • Rooms—bedrooms, common areas, and bathrooms—are cleaned prior to student arrival and after departure only. It is a student’s responsibility to maintain a clean living environment.
  • Students use the coin-operated laundry facilities located in or near the residential hall.
  • Students receive a regular metal key for access to the dormitory room. Keys must be returned at check-out.

Residence Hall Security

As a part of ensuring the safety of scholars while they are at UMD, there are number of security measures in place including the following:

  • 3-Point Swipe Access for Building Entry: Swipe entry is needed to access residence hall lobby, elevators, and floors with scholars’ rooms.
  • 24 hour Service Desk staffed with UMD Community Assistants: UMD Community Assistants manage building facility concerns, keys, lockouts, and packages for students and staff members.
  • TYS Mentors on Duty 24 hours a day: Mentors will be available via phone call or text message for the duration of Terp Scholars. The Mentor on Duty phone number will be shared in the residence hall and at student orientation.


  • Roommate and room assignments are made on a random basis, although we try to assign roommates according to course enrollment and age. Students should expect to live with a student of the same gender in a double bedroom; however, there are cases in which a student is assigned a room with no roommate. Assignments will not be provided until program check-in day.
  • Roommate Request: To request a specific roommate (for two to four occupants) Terp Scholars must complete the Special Housing Accommodation Request after admission by June 15. Requests from all roommates must be received or the request will not be processed.

Dining Services

Residential students enjoy meals in a designated campus dining hall or at various on-campus eateries. If your course has a scheduled all-day field trip, lunch is provided.

  • Breakfast/Lunch: For breakfast and lunch residential students use their Terrapin Express card, a prepaid meal card accepted at over fifty participating locations across campus. Terrapin Express cards give students to flexibility to eat where they want, when they want.
  • Dinner: For dinner residential students visit the North Campus diner, a buffet-style diner near the residence hall.
  • For more information, including Kosher, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free options, see Meal Plans and Dietary Accommodations
  • Students who require meal options and/or dietary accommodations will submit a request after admission.


The program package fee does not include a parking permit. To park on campus, students must have a valid permit. After admission, students can purchase a Summer Session II parking permit from UMD’s Department of Transportation Services (DOTS).

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