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Application and Admission

Yes. If your GPA does not meet our 3.0 minimum, you are required to submit a GPA Exception Appeal to Terp Young Scholars via email ( This appeal should be no longer than 250 words and include your name, intended Terp Young Scholars course, circumstances that have impacted your GPA, and how you are prepared to succeed in the Terp Young Scholars program despite these previous obstacles.

Applicants do not need a social security number to apply to TYS. You can leave the social security number section blank in the application. Students who do not submit a social security number are randomly assigned a Student ID number to use during the Confirmation of Admission process.

No. If you made a mistake or would like to add information to a submitted application, please send an email to  

A transcript (report card) of applicant's secondary school academic record must include grades and cumulative GPA for all secondary schoolwork completed, including current coursework. An unofficial transcript is acceptable. Applicants may submit transcripts directly to the application system or email per instructions on the transcript form.

No, you do not need to submit a transcript at the same time of the application. Applicants may submit transcripts directly to the application system or email per instructions on the transcript form.


Terp Scholars have until June 15, 4:30 p.m., to change course selections. Change requests will only be accommodated if the course has space. Send your request to and include:

  • Student full name and University ID # (not your SSN)
  • Your current course information, and
  • Your new course request.

Your course may or may not require a textbook. Textbook requirements are posted by the instructor, at least three weeks prior to the course start date. Textbooks may be purchased from any textbook store or online vendor. Textbook costs are not included in the Terp Young Scholars program package fee.

  • Visit: 
  • Select Schedule of Classes
  • Select Summer Session
  • Select Course Listing
  • Select the course/department acronym, e.g., ARCH for Architecture.
  • Find the course you are registered for with the section number of "YS41" or "YS42"
  • Select Books

Terp Young Scholars final course grades are posted on both the unofficial and official University of Maryland transcript. On Testudo, students can view their unofficial transcript or order an official UMD transcript:

  • To view your unofficial transcript, select Unofficial Transcript on Testudo.
  • To order an official UMD transcript, select Transcript Request & Status on Testudo.

Preparing for TYS-Online

To be successful in an online program, Terp Scholars will need to review the TYS technical requirements.

The orientation and first class breakout session are the only mandatory activities. 

All other TYS activities are optional because students will be balancing academic responsibilities in addition to all co-curricular activities. Your online program package underwrites the costs of all scheduled program-related activities. This fee is charged whether or not you attend any activities. We do not pro-rate based on activity attendance. Upon the completion of the program, we ask students to complete a survey. The results consistently demonstrate that those students who participated in the scheduled events and activities were the ones with the highest satisfaction rating.

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