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Technical Requirements

Terp Scholars-Online is designed to introduce students to rigorous college-level coursework. The virtual classroom is a dynamic space. UMD maintains an electronic learning management system (ELMS) used to organize teaching. ELMS delivers online course content through easy to use web-based technology that enables learning in an engaging, interactive environment. To be successful in the online program, students must ensure that they have access or can fulfill the following technical requirements.

Internet Access

  • Minimum Connectivity: Broadband (high-speed) 3G or 4G Internet connection. If there are multiple devices in your home using Wi-Fi, it may be helpful to obtain an Ethernet cable and connect your computer directly to the internet router with the Ethernet cable.

ELMS Requirements

  • The minimum operating systems for ELMS are:
    • Windows 7 and newer
    • Mac OS X 10.10 and newer

Browser Information

  • ELMS supports the browsers listed below. You should always use the most current version of your preferred browser. Note: JavaScript must be enabled to run ELMS-Canvas.
    • Chrome 80 and 81
    • Firefox 74 and 75 (Extended Releases are not supported*)
    • Edge 80 and 81
    • Safari 12 and 13 (Macintosh only)

Designated Learning Space

  • Students should have access to a suitable location to engage in their online course. Students’ designated learning space will impact their own virtual learning experience, as well as that of their peers. The ideal designated learning spaces are free of noise, music and other distractions.
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