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Confirmation of Admission Process

Confirmation of Admission is a four-step process. It must be completed by the posted deadlines or the offer of admission will be rescinded and you may lose your seat if the course is full. Submission verifies that both parent/guardian and student have read, understand, and agree with each of the steps that follow. The process is complete when Steps 1 - 4 have been submitted. There is one Optional area which should be considered.

Confirmation of Admission & Payment Schedule Deadlines
Admitted January 7 - March 18 April 20
Admitted March 19 - April 18 April 20
Admitted April 19 - May 18 May 20
Admitted May 19 - June 18 June 20

For complete information, see Program Policies & Procedures—Directory ID, MFA, TERPmail, & Email of Record.

  1. Activate Directory ID and Password
  2. Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication
  3. Activate TERPmail
  4. Set TERPmail as Email of Record

For complete information, see Program Policies & Procedures—FERPA & Student Records. While STEP 2 is optional, the parent/guardian will not be able to submit payment unless this section is completed.

  1. (Optional) Grant Access to Academic Record: See Parent/Guardian Access.  
  2. (Optional) Grant Access to Financial Record: See Information for Parents & Guardians.

In this section, you will affirm that you have read, understood, and agree with the following program policies and procedures. Before submitting the Program Acknowledgement Form, see each individual topic with an explanation at Program Policies and Procedures.

  1. Grade, Credits, & Attendance Policy
  2. Student Conduct, Academic Integrity, Student Rights
  3. Recorded Video Consent

To learn more, please visit TYS-Online Payment Information.

As a reminder, students who are eligible for an accommodation, must register in advance with Accessibility and Disability Service (ADS).

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