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Program Overview


Prepare for a life-sciences career with Science in the Evening (SIE). The program provides the basic foundational curriculum in biology, chemistry, and physics needed to apply to most medical, dental, and veterinary schools or biotechnology/biosciences graduate programs. SIE offers rigorous academics, outstanding faculty, and exceptional advising.

SIE prepares students for science-related professional or graduate schools who:

  • Need to strengthen their academic record in anticipation of applying to medical, dental, or graduate schools or to health science programs;
  • Are planning a life sciences career change but whose first degree was in a non-science discipline; and
  • Want to advance their current careers in law, business, government service, or biotechnology with academic credentials in the basic biological sciences.

SIE may be used to design a curriculum appropriate for science-related professional or graduate schools. This non-degree program is structured to meet individual needs such that the exact courses and credits that a student takes depends on the intended career path. Students are not obligated to take every recommended course. In addition, registration is not restricted to a particular course sequence. Students must, however, meet all course pre- and co-requisites.

SIE features traditional seminar-style, in-person instruction. Classes meet in UMD College Park campus classrooms, offering a focused, distraction-free learning environment. Instruction is provided by university faculty and experts in the field. The program uses the semester academic calendar with classes held in fall and spring semester (16 weeks each). Courses follow a convenient weekday evening schedule to accommodate working students.

Students who have completed all of their medical or other professional school prerequisites and require additional coursework to augment their undergraduate GPA (e.g., students with an undergraduate degree in biological sciences and a GPA slightly above or below 3.0) may prefer to apply to the University of Maryland Master of Chemical and Life Sciences program rather than Science in the Evening program. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with Dr. Presson to discuss their academic history and determine which program is best suited to meet their goals.

Academic Program Director Contact Information

SIE is offered by the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS). Dr. Joelle Presson, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs, CMNS serves as the SIE Academic Director. Overseeing all academics and advising, Dr. Presson and staff select and review instructors, advise students, and ensures the program’s overall quality.

Interested students with specific academic questions can:

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