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Appeals (Exception to Academic Policy)

The average review time is thirty business days (Monday – Friday, excluding holidays) from the date that the appeal and all documentation are received. Confirmation of the decision is sent to the email address listed on the appeal form.

Appeal (Exception to Academic Policy) requests due to extenuating circumstances relating to your registration require a formal written appeal. An appeal will not be considered until documentation supporting the claims made in the appeal is received.

  • Medical: Documentation from health care/mental health care provider must be typed and signed on official letterhead. General emails or unsigned letters on a plain stationary are not acceptable. Ask your health care/mental health provider to provide the following information:
    • Name of health care/mental health care provider
    • Type of Practice/Specialty
    • Title/Degree
    • Practice Address
    • Practice Telephone
    • Practice Email
    • License Number
    • License Board
    • Brief statement of support
    • Signature
  • Death in the Family: Copy of death certificate (or verification of death from hospital or attending physician, typed and signed on official letterhead) with a statement of the deceased's relation to the student. Emails or unsigned letters on plain stationary are not acceptable.
  • Course Instructor or Academic Advisor: May submit a statement of support on department letterhead or from the instructor/academic advisor’s campus email. The statement must include your student name, UID, course information, date of registration, and an explanation of why the course instructor or academic advisor supports your appeal.
  • Approved Appeal from College/Department: Some Colleges/Departments require that you appeal to them first for requests that have academic ramifications such as late/retroactive changes to your student record. Our office will assist with this process.

The above documentation may be uploaded to the Appeal Form BUT only as one file. If you have more than one document, either combine all documents into one file or email with the additional documentation.

  1. Complete all other sections of the appeal form.
  2. File Title: Provide a name for your document (the documentation will not attach without a title); ex. “Appeal Documentation”
  3. File Path: Select the Choose File button and locate where your document is stored.

Use the OES contact form. Include your full name, program name, and a complete statement regarding the request.

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