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Schedule Adjustment, Cancel, Drop, Withdrawal, & Resignation

A graduate student may drop a course, add a course, change between audit and credit status, change the number of credits for a course within the listed range, cancel registration or withdraw from the University without special approval until the end of Schedule Adjustment Period. No credit level changes or grading option changes are permitted after the "Graduate Student Deadline To" date.

The Schedule Adjustment Period begins on the first day of the semester/term and continues for at least one day or more depending on the individual semester/term.

Cancellation of registration means that the student cancels their enrollment in all courses prior to the first day of classes for a semester/term. Students who cancel registration prior to the first day of classes receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. Failure to attend class does not result in automatic cancellation nor is a student relieved of any academic and/or financial obligation. Courses dropped prior to the first day of classes will not appear on the student record, nor count towards the number of attempts a student has for any given course. Students process the cancellation of registration prior to the first day of classes via Testudo (See Registration (Drop/Add).

  • Graduate students planning to return in a subsequent semester/term must also submit the Petition for Waiver of Continuous Registration Form.
  • Graduate students wishing to terminate their graduate student standing see Resignation from the University (below).

Once the semester/term starts, graduate students are able to drop courses without permission until the posted deadline to “Drop a Course.” Courses dropped during this time will not appear on the official transcript. A full credit is not available for courses dropped on or after the first day of classes. See Penalties for Drops During Schedule Adjustment. Students may process course drops via Testudo (See Registration (Drop/Add).

  • Dropping all courses before the semester/term begins constitutes a cancellation from the semester/term. See Cancellation of Registration (above) for more details.
  • Dropping all courses after the semester/term starts constitutes a withdrawal from the semester/term. See Withdrawal (below) for more details.

Means that you are terminating registration for all courses within a specific semester/term (even if registered for just one course) between the first day and the posted deadline of the semester/term in which you are registered. A notation of withdrawn from semester/term and the effective date will post to your student record. See the Graduate School’s Withdrawal from Classes Policy and the Degree-Seeking Graduate Student Withdrawal Form. Forward the completed form to

Associated refunds are dependent on the timing of the withdrawal request. For deadlines and refund schedule, see:

Graduate students wishing to withdraw and terminate their graduate student standing must send a letter or email to the Graduate School at The request must come from your official University of Maryland email of record. The Graduate School will then cancel your admission status, effective the date that the request is received. This action does not remove you from any courses for which you may be registered.

The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or for other reasons that it deems valid. Appropriate refunds will be made. Because cancellation of a course may occur so close to the beginning of class, there is not always time to send notification. Whenever possible, notification will be made via email.

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