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Advising & Curriculum Overview


Mentoring and advisement is an essential part of the program. Students meet with faculty and the program director to ensure that educational goals are being met. For a personal consultation about your career plans and how the MS-Applied Political Analytics can empower you to meet your goals, contact the academic program director, Dr. Candace M. Turitto via email:

Curriculum Overview

The MS-Applied Political Analytics is a 36-credit, twelve course graduate program that provides advanced training in the application of data science to the analysis of key issues in political science. The program consists of 18 credits in political science and 18 credits in data science. Students complete a major project in one of their courses that provides the opportunity to apply acquired core skills to address real-world problems. There are two options of study: 4+1 UMD Undergraduate or the Comprehensive 36-credit option. 

4+1 UMD Undergraduate Option

The 4+1 UMD Undergraduate option targets UMD degree-seeking students in GVPT majors as well as qualified majors in other disciplines. In their junior year, UMD undergraduates must first apply and be admitted into the undergraduate portion of the 4+1 option. Students complete three 3-credit foundational courses (9 credits) in their senior year as part of the undergraduate degree. 

During the spring semester of their senior year, students then apply to The Graduate School. Upon formal admission, students complete the program by enrolling in the remaining nine 3-credit courses (27 credits). The courses taken in the student’s senior year count towards both the undergraduate and master’s degree. UMD undergraduates are charged tuition at their regular undergraduate rate for the three 3-credit courses taken in their senior year and are charged program tuition for the remaining nine 3-credit courses.

Comprehensive 36-Credit Option

In this option, post-baccalaureates apply to The Graduate School for the master’s degree and complete all twelve 3-credit courses as listed in the MS-Applied Political Analytics plan of study. Students are charged program tuition for all courses.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students should be able to:

  • Provide a more rigorous theoretical background in at least one major sub-field in political science.
  • Enhance a student’s existing understanding of political analysis (from undergraduate coursework) with a rigorous introduction to additional analytical tools.
  • Provide a venue for student to practice theoretically rigorous political analysis with their expanded tool set.
  • Provide a rigorous understanding of the fundamentals of data science.
  • Introduce students to the key tools of “Big Data” collection, management, and analysis.
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