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Program Checklist

Advising and Planning

  1. MPH-BCHL Online students are welcome to attend the new student orientation at University of Maryland, College Park in August for an overview of degree requirements, academic policies, regulations, and procedures for completing the program. Students who cannot attend the new student orientation, should review the Program Guidelines.
  2. Consult with your advisor to develop your personal Program Plan of Study. Students should meet with their advisor regularly throughout the program to stay on track and up to date with the most recent deadlines and policies.
  3. Prior to a semester/session registration, meet and consult with your advisor to stay on track with your Program Plan of Study.
  4. Ensure completion of all coursework as outlined in the MPH-BCHL Online Plan of Study.
  5. Consult the MPH Internship Manual and the MPH Project and Thesis Guidelines to plan and complete the MPH Internship and Project/Thesis capstone experience.

During Your Final Semester

  1. Apply for graduation at Testudo (Graduation Application). There is a specific deadline early in the semester. Consult the deadlines page on the Graduate School website.
  2. Submit the Approved Program Form for the MPH-BCHL Online. There are specific deadlines. Consult the deadlines page on the Graduate School website.
  3. Three working days before final oral defense of project (5 working days for thesis); submit final version for review to Examining Committee.
  4. Schedule and post notice of project/thesis oral defense, three to five working days in advance, depending on option chosen (project or thesis). Email announcement to the School of Public Health Graduate Studies Director for distribution to all graduate students and faculty.
  5. Orally defend the project or thesis and make changes if required. If the project option is chosen, please email an electronic copy of your project to the School of Public Health Graduate Studies Director. If the thesis option is chosen, submit the thesis electronically to the Registrar’s Office.
  6. Work with your advisor to ensure that you have completed and submitted all required forms by the appropriate deadlines.  Forms include:
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