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Plan of Study


The BSLP is a 12-credit graduate program designed to be completed in twelve months of continuous enrollment. See the sample plan of study, below. Students should use this as a guide to develop a plan with the program director. The program uses the semester academic calendar with classes held in fall and spring semester (16 weeks each), Winter Session (3-weeks), and Summer Session (two 6-week sessions).

Specific class meeting information (days and time) is posted on UMD’s interactive web service services, Testudo. Once on that site, select “Schedule of Classes,” then the term/year. Courses are listed by academic unit.

The program uses specific section codes for registration which are listed on the plan of study.  Actual course offerings are determined by the program and may vary.

Semester Course # Section # Credits
Fall HESP605 PCH* 3
Winter HESP623 PCH* 3
Spring HESP621 PCH* 3
Summer HESP617 PCH* 2
Summer HESP728 PCH* 1

Below is a listing of all program courses. For a detailed course description that includes pre-requisites or co-requisites, see The Graduate School Catalog, Course Listing as follows:

HESP605: Assessment & Intervention in Bilingual Populations, 3 credits.

HESP617: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Communication and its Disorders, 2 credits. 

HESP621: Bilingualism in Children and Adults, 3 credits.

HESP623: Education, Policy & Advocacy in Bilingual Service Delivery, 3 credits.

HESP728: Advanced Clinical Practice in Speech, 1-8 credits.

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