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Plan of Study - 4+1 UMD Undergraduate


In the MA-International Relations 4+1 UMD Undergraduate option, UMD students would have completed 9 credits in their senior year. Students then complete the remaining 21 credits in nine months of full-time enrollment. The program features seminar-style, face-to-face learning. Classes meet at the College Park campus. Instruction is provided by university faculty and experts in the field. 

Below is a sample plan of study. Students should use this as a guide to develop a plan with the program director. The program uses the semester academic calendar. Students who are admitted into the 4+1 UMD Undergraduate option complete three 3-credit courses (9 credits) in their senior year as part of the undergraduate degree. Students then apply for the master’s degree and enroll in seven 3-credit courses (21 credits in the “fifth” year) for program completion (12 credits fall and 9 credits spring).

Specific class meeting information (days and time) is posted on UMD’s interactive web service services, Testudo. Once on that site, select “Schedule of Classes,” then the term/year. Courses are listed by academic unit.

Sample Plan of Study

The program uses specific section codes for registration which are listed on the sample plan of study. Actual course offerings are determined by the program and may vary semester to semester. Students should note if a course has a pre-requisite or co-requisite. UMD graduate students in other programs who are interested in registering for courses in this program, see Non-Program Student Registration. For a detailed course description, see Courses

Semester Year Category Course Number Section Code Credits
Fall Senior Foundational GVPT604 4+1 Option 3
Spring Senior Foundational GVPT605 4+1 Option 3
Spring Senior Foundational GVPT606 4+1 Option 3
Fall 5 Core GVPT622 PCR* 3
Fall 5 Core GVPT708 PCR* 3
Fall 5 Core GVPT761 PCR* 3
Fall 5 Core GVPT803 PCR* 3
Spring 5 Core GVPT729 PCR* 3
Spring 5 Core GVPT808 PCR* 3
Spring 5 Core GVPT879 PCR* 3
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