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Program Overview


Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in today’s information-based society with the Master of Professional Studies in Machine Learning. The MPS-Machine Learning focuses on the methods and techniques of creating models and algorithms that learn from, and make decisions or predictions, based on data. Successful graduates will apply the learned tools and techniques to a wide variety of real world problems in areas such as marketing, finance, medicine, telecommunications, biology, security, engineering, social networking and information technology.

The MPS-Machine Learning provides cutting-edge technical course work with students developing their problem-solving skills in the art and science of processing and extracting information from data. Throughout their coursework, students build solid foundations in mathematics, statistics, and computer programming, and explore advanced topics in machine learning such as deep learning, optimization, big data analysis, and signal/image understanding. The program also focuses on the applications of machine learning to computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, data science, and other areas. The 30-credit curriculum prepares students for a career as an information engineer, data scientist, or data mining engineer. 

The MPS-Machine Learning features traditional seminar-style, in-person instruction. Classes meet in UMD College Park campus classrooms, offering a focused, distraction-free learning environment. Instruction is provided by university faculty and experts in the field. The program uses the semester academic calendar with classes held in fall and spring semester (16 weeks each) and Summer Session (two 6-week sessions).

Program Contact Information

The MPS-Machine Learning is offered through the Science Academy in the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences. For additional information, contact:

Amy Chester
Director, Science Academy
College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
2308 Symons Hall
7998 Regents Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-3281

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