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Plan of Study


MCLFS is a 30-credit graduate program designed to be completed in eighteen months of full-time enrollment. Part-time enrollment is welcome. UMD’s online learning environment delivers online content through easy to use web-based technology that enables learning in an engaging, interactive environment. Instruction is provided by university faculty and experts in the field.

See the sample plan of study, below. Students should use this as a guide to develop a plan with the program director. The program uses the term academic calendar with classes held each 12-week term: I (fall), II (winter), III (spring), IV (summer). Full-time students enroll in two 3-credit courses over the course of five 12-week terms. Students may require an additional term to complete the scholarly paper.

Specific class meeting information (days and time) is posted on UMD’s interactive web service services, Testudo. Once on that site, select “Schedule of Classes,” then the term/year. Courses are listed by academic unit.

Sample Plan of Study

The program uses specific section codes for registration which are listed on the sample plan of study. Actual course offerings are determined by the program and may vary. Students should note if a course has a pre-requisite or co-requisite. UMD graduate students in other programs who are interested in registering for courses in this program, see Non-Program Student Registration. For a detailed course description, see Courses

Term Year Course Number Section Code Credits
I (fall) 1 CLFS*** PL** 6
II (winter) 1 CLFS*** PL** 6
III (spring) 1 CLFS*** PL** 6
IV (summer) 1 CLFS*** PL** 6
I (fall) 2 CLFS*** PL** 6

Course List

Below is a listing of all program courses with a general schedule and listing of pre- or co-requisites. Actual course offerings are determined by the program and may vary. For a detailed course description, see Courses.

Term Type Course Number Title
I, II, III, IV Scholarly Paper CLFS608 Scholarly Paper
I, II, III, IV Scholarly Paper CLFS608A Independent Research
I General Course CLFS609A Food Safety and Genetically Modified Foods
II General Course CLFS609B The Biology of Reproduction
II General Course CLFS609C Emerging Infectious Diseases
IV General Course CLFS609D Microbiology
IV General Course CLFS609E Immunology
I, II General Course CLFS609F Principles of Paleobiology
IV General Course CLFS609G Biology of Cancer
IV General Course CLFS609J Evolutionary Biology
I, II General Course CLFS610 Natural Products Chemistry
I, II General Course CLFS619A Molecular Spectroscopy
I, II General Course CLFS619B Environmental Chemistry
III General Course CLFS619D Forensic Chemistry
I, III General Course CLFS620 Modern Molecular Genetics
II General Course CLFS630 Principles of Transmission Genetics
II, IV General Course CLFS640 Human Physiology
IV General Course CLFS655 Chemistry & Application of Electrochemical Cells
II, IV General Course CLFS660 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
I, III General Course CLFS665 Ecology and Global Change
I, II General Course CLFS680 Chemical Ecology
III General Course CLFS690 Biochemistry
IV Practical Experience CLFS710 Experimental Biology
II, IV Experimental Design CLFS725 Experimental Design
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