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Course Descriptions

JOUR455: Media Entrepreneurship, 3 credits. Principles and practices of entrepreneurship and business models for media. Students develop and pitch ideas for media businesses, perform skill-building exercises in business analysis, and digital media technologies, and study emerging media business models.

JOUR604: Introduction to Multimedia, 3 credits. Examine the basics of producing and editing digital photos, video and audio for news. Topics include framing, lighting and other aspects of composition; sequencing, using wide, medium and tight shots; and ethical considerations when collecting sound and visuals.

JOUR623: Mobile Journalism, 3 credits. Mobile consumers want news. This course goes beyond just text messaging with a review of several mobile applications and the "hands-on" skills needed to collect and share news in the field. First, students learn how to remotely post information to blogs and social networks. Students then learn and practice the latest location-based production techniques using web services on wireless laptops and mobile devices. Students use laptops (and their own "SmartPhone") to record, edit and upload audio and video. Basic computer skills are required.

JOUR652: Interactive Design and Development, 3 credits. Editing and writing online, using basic Web-coding skills and tools to create news and feature packages for the Internet. New-media issues, including interactivity and individualization, are also to be discussed.

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