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Program Overview


The Graduate Certificate in Program Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (GC-PPME) is designed for mid-level administrators and program officers in national and local governments, multi-national organizations, NGOs, research firms, and funders. The desired outcome is to advance the careers of those working in public service fields by helping them become more-informed consumers of materials connected to research and evaluation as well as better practitioners within their own settings.

The GC-PPME is a 12-credit graduate program that can be completed in as few as nine months of continuous study while minimally disrupting personal and professional life. The certificate coursework introduces participants to the concepts and skills related to (1) applied policy analysis and program planning, (2) program implementation, monitoring, and management, and (3) program evaluation and cost-benefit analysis. With the exception of the capstone course (which is summative), no class is a prerequisite for another; they can be taken in any order.

The GC-PPME features traditional seminar-style, in-person instruction that is supplemented with online learning. In-person learning is offered at alternating International Sites that includes Paris, Madrid, and Milan. Instruction is provided by university faculty and experts in the field. The program uses the semester academic calendar.

Program Contact Information

The Graduate Certificate in Program Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation is offered through the School of Public Policy. Students with specific academic questions may contact:

Doug Call
School of Public Policy
2202J Van Munching Hall
7699 Mowatt Lane
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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