Academic & Financial Deadlines

Post-Baccalaureate Programs that offer courses during fall and spring semester, follow the standard fall and spring semester University academic calendar, including deadlines for cancellation, drops, and withdrawals. Programs that offer courses during Summer Session, follow the Summer Session calendar. Links to these calendars appear in the table below.

Semester-Based Calendar Registration Opens Academic Calendar Academic Deadlines Financial Deadlines Appeal Submission Deadlines
4/5 Select Approved Semester Calendar for a specific academic year. Reflects start/end dates, observed holidays, and final exams. See Office of the Registrar-Academic Deadlines for last day to add, drop, cancel, withdraw with associated refunds and/or student record implications. Student bill information, payment timelines, and payment policies 1/15
11/1 3/15
11/15 6/15
(3-, 6- or 12-week)
3/1 9/15