Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freshmen Connection?
Freshmen Connection is a fall semester academic program open to students who confirm spring admission to the University of Maryland. Students may take up to 17 credits of University of Maryland courses and get on track to graduate in four years. Courses are taught by University of Maryland faculty. Courses and grades earned are recorded on the student's Maryland transcript and count toward the University of Maryland undergraduate degree.
What are the main differences between Freshmen Connection course offerings and regular fall semester course offerings?
Freshmen Connection offers a selection of Maryland courses that helps fulfill major requirements and the University's general undergraduate requirements. The Freshmen Connection course offerings are scheduled in campus classrooms during off-peak times, 3-9 p.m., Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on Fridays. All Freshmen Connection students must register for UNIV100. Finally, Freshmen Connection course offerings are only open to freshmen who confirm spring admission to the University of Maryland.
What are the other differences between Freshmen Connection and the regular fall semester?
Freshmen Connection students can join most campus activities and organizations – the Marching Band, choirs, ROTC, club sports, etc. – except participate in University of Maryland NCAA fall athletic teams.
What are the benefits of Freshmen Connection?
The program provides spring-admitted freshmen the opportunity to take up to 17 credits that begin to fulfill University of Maryland undergraduate requirements. You'll get on track to graduate in four years. The program provides you with a dedicated academic advisor who provides guidance throughout the enrollment process and the fall semester. Your UNIV100 course helps develop skills and strategies that will enhance your Maryland academic experience. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in fall campus activities and events and meet other freshmen. You'll meet with your intended major advisor and register for spring courses before the spring-admitted students who are not in this program and transfer students. Finally, there is no need to provide official transcripts or consider credit transfers from another college or university. All courses are University of Maryland courses and appear on your official University of Maryland transcript.
What is the Office of Extended Studies?
The Office of Extended Studies is a self-support administrative unit at the University of Maryland. In addition to Freshmen Connection, OES administers Summer Term and Winter Term. For more information, click here.
Why was I not accepted to the University of Maryland for the fall semester?
The Office of Undergraduate Admissions can assist you with specific questions you may have about your admission status.
What happens if I choose not to participate in Freshmen Connection?
Freshmen Connection is an optional academic program that does not affect your spring admission. If you choose to attend another university in the fall, you'll need to consider how credits will transfer to the University of Maryland. For assistance, contact Undergraduate Admissions.
Do I need to confirm acceptance of spring admission to the University of Maryland before enrolling in Freshmen Connection?
Yes. For information on how to enroll, click here.
What University rules and regulations apply during this program?
Students who enroll in Freshmen Connection are subject to all University rules and regulations including the Code of Academic Integrity.
How many courses should I take in Freshmen Connection?
You are encouraged to take a full academic load. Full-time status for Maryland undergraduate students is based on registration for 12 or more credits per semester. Freshmen Connection students usually take ENGL101, one Math course, two or three General Education courses, and must take UNIV100 (about 13-17 credits total). Tuition is charged at a flat rate for up to 17 credits, so you should take at least 13 credits.
How do I select courses?
Freshmen Connection uses an online enrollment form. You'll select your courses as you complete your enrollment form. Course enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. For enrollment guidelines, click here. []
How do I view my current course schedule?
For complete information, click here. []
Can I change my course choices after the fall semester begins?
Yes. The Schedule Adjustment period runs August 29 until September 12, 4:30 p.m.
Do grades count?
Yes. Grades earned in Freshmen Connection courses are posted on your University of Maryland transcript and are included in your Maryland GPA.
How do I view my grades?
Visit Testudo. Select Grades. You can view grades online approximately three weeks after the last final exam. Grade reports are not mailed.
How do I purchase my textbooks?
For complete information, click here. []
When do classes meet for Freshmen Connection?
Classes meet 3-9 p.m., Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on Fridays. The first day of classes is August 29; the last day is December 12. Final exams are scheduled December 14-20.
What is Freshmen Connection orientation?
The mandatory orientation session provides an overview of the upcoming fall semester. You’ll have an opportunity to get your UMD photo ID. You have the opportunity to meet with a variety of campus services such as Financial Aid, the Financial Service Center, Dining Services, Residential Life, Campus Recreation, and more.
What is the Fall Welcome?
The welcome session is scheduled for several days before classes begin. You'll be able to locate your classrooms, buy any required texts, and relax and meet all the other new University of Maryland Freshmen.
Is on-campus housing available?
On-campus housing is guaranteed for all students who enroll in Freshmen Connection by May 1. For more information, contact the Department of Resident Life.
Can I participate in a campus dining plan?
Yes. If you are interested in participating in a campus dining plan, visit the Department of Dining Services.
Can I use my financial aid for Freshmen Connection?
Yes. If you are eligible for state and/or federal financial aid, you may apply it to Freshmen Connection. For assistance, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid.
How do I obtain campus parking?
Campus parking regulations are changing for Fall 2016. For assistance with parking and transit programs, visit the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS).
What campus organizations and activities can I join?
You are welcome to participate in all student activities, with the exception of participating in University of Maryland NCAA fall athletic teams. The Division of Student Affairs has a Web site that links to the many opportunities available to enrich your life during your time at Maryland. You can browse student organizations here.
How do I activate my directory ID/password and UMD e-mail account?
To activate your directory ID/password, visit: To activate your UMD e-mail and calendar account, click here.