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About OES

Summer, Winter, and Undergraduate Programs, Professional and Continuing Education

The Office of Extended Studies (OES) partners with University of Maryland (UMD) academic units to provide administrative services for credit and non-credit initiatives that target a diverse range of students at the pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, and professional level. Programs include Summer, Winter, and Undergraduate Programs, and Professional and Continuing Education.

Summer and Winter Sessions serve current and incoming UMD students, visiting students from other two- and four-year institutions, professionals, and lifelong learners. Both sessions offer courses that meet on campus or anywhere online. Summer Session offers flexibility to make progress towards graduation during six distinct sessions. Winter Session offers convenience to keep learning during three weeks in January (between the end of fall and the beginning of spring semesters).

Undergraduate Programs include Freshmen Connection, Undergraduate Programs at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG), and Pre-College Programs. Freshmen Connection serves spring-admitted freshmen who start UMD in the fall semester and get on track to graduate in four years by earning up to 17 credits toward their undergraduate degree. Undergraduate Programs at USG offers a variety of academic programs where students earn a UMD undergraduate degree (final two years) in a conducive learning environment. Pre-College Programs features Terp Young Scholars which targets academically talented high school students who learn to navigate the college experience during three weeks in July either on campus or online.

Professional and Continuing Education includes Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Continuing Education, and Executive Education Programs, and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Graduate Programs offer master's degrees and graduate certificates that are crafted with expertise, innovation, and convenience for professionals who want to advance their career goals. Post-Baccalaureate Programs prepare students for professional schools, graduate programs, and professional achievement. Continuing Education Programs offer non-credit learning opportunities through UMD’s Open Learning Catalog. Executive Education Programs serve managers, business leaders, and executives with customized training programs. UMD MOOCs connects UMD’s expertise with online programs that expand knowledge and career opportunities. 

Staff Directory

Programs and Marketing Contact
Terrie Hruzd, Director
Anne Baum, Associate Director, Summer, Winter, and Undergraduate Programs
Matthew Nessan, Associate Director, Professional and Continuing Education
Sibylle Stosch, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communication
Bill Aarhus, Manager, MOOCs
Jamie Stednitz, Manager, Summer, Winter, and Undergraduate Programs
Lenaya Stewart, Manager, Professional and Continuing Education
Tori Darby, Program Coordinator, Freshmen Connection
Maggie Haverfield, Coordinator, Web Communication
Ashley Mena, Program Coordinator, Pre-College Programs
Julie Weber, Program Coordinator, Professional and Continuing Education
VACANT, Coordinator, Marketing and Communication
Hope Fagundes, Program Assistant, Pre-College Programs
Kelly Frangoulis, Program Assistant, Professional and Continuing Education
Gennifer Godley, Program Assistant, Freshmen Connection and Pre-College Programs
Jacquelyn Smith, Program Assistant, Freshmen Connection
Finance and Operations Contact
K. Andrew Leighton, Director
Hilary Sazama, Assistant Director, Student and Program Services
Alka Soni, Assistant Director, Finance
Janet LoBiondo, Manager, Student and Program Services
Adam Mutuku, Financial Analyst
Verenice Ciciliano, Senior Business Manager
John DeOrnellas, Business Manager
Lyndsy Horn, Business Manager
Erika Monroe, Data Coordinator
Kelsey Brown, Coordinator, Scheduling
Michelle Harris, Program Administrative Specialist, Student and Program Services
Levar Kemp, Program Administrative Specialist, Student and Program Services
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