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Professional Graduate Programs

Professional Graduate Programs

Program are listed alphabetically by Academic Unit, then by program.

Anthropology: Cultural and Heritage Resource Management
Interdisciplinary and rigorous training in the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in cultural and heritage resource management. Graduate Certificate and Master of Professional Studies. Online.

Chemical and Life Sciences: Chemical and Life Sciences
Provides middle and high school teachers with in-depth knowledge of current research areas in the biological, biochemical, and biomedical sciences to make a powerful difference in their professional careers. Master of Science. Online.

Communication: Enhanced English Fluency
Specialized instruction in professional speaking, writing, speaking, and writing across professional communication contexts, and speech writing. Graduate Certificate. Online OR Face-to-face.

Communication: Interpreting
Equips students with the required competencies to professionally compete as conference or community interpreters. Graduate Certificate and Master of Professional Studies. Face-to-face

Communication: Translation
Training for careers as specialized translators, project managers, or administrators of language services. Graduate Certificate and Master of Professional Studies. Face-to-face

Counseling, Higher Education, & Special Education: Special Education in General Classrooms
Evidence-based instructional strategies and effective behavioral interventions required to serve students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms.Graduate Certificate. Online.

Criminology and Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice Administration
Provides training to analyze law enforcement ethics and strategies for contemplating legal, cultural, and political issues in an applied working environment. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Economics: Applied Economics
Offers quantitative skills and training in economic modeling for professionals who seek to gain a significant valuable advantage for career advancement. Graduate Certificate and Master of Science. Face-to-face.

Entomology: Applied Entomology
Focuses on the importance of insects and their role in various ecosystems while integrating aspects of biochemistry, molecular biology, and evolution theory with ecology. Master of Professional Studies. Online.

Entomology: Beekeeping
Focuses on the anatomy, physiology, and ecology of the honeybee. Learn how to construct and maintain a hive and best practices for maintaining a healthy colony. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Entomology: Integrated Pest Management
Focuses on the techniques of integrated pest management for proper pest control management with an effective and environmentally conscientious approach. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Entomology: Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
Focuses on sustainability through examining both the ecosystem services provided by beneficial insects, as well as the management of injurious insects. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Entomology: Urban Agriculture
Focuses on the growing of plants and the raising of animals within and around cities while providing the skills required to maintain plants and beneficial insects in and around these settings. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Geographical Sciences: Geospatial Information Sciences
Provides the most up-to-date education on geospatial technology, theory and applications. Covers spatial analysis, statistics, programming, databases, modeling, remote sensing, Internet GIS, Mobile GIS, and Open Source GIS.  Master of Science and Graduate Certificate. Face-to-face/Blended OR Online.

Geographical Sciences: Geospatial Intelligence
Provides training for responding to developments in a rapidly shifting landscape of applied problem-sets, analysis schemes, big and growing data-sets, and software platforms that characterize today’s geospatial intelligence. Master of Science and Graduate Certificate. Face-to-face/Blended OR Online.

Government and Politics: International Relations
A 4+1 Combined Program for undergraduate majors in the Department of Government and Politics. Designed to provide advanced coursework and applied quantitative methods training for students seeking international careers as analysts in the public and private sectors as well as researchers in academia and think tanks. Master of Arts. Face-to-Face.

Government and Politics & Survey Methodology: Applied Political Analytics
Provides aspiring professionals with a firm foundation in political science and training in the principles and practices of survey research, enabling students to delve more deeply into the technical aspects of data collection, survey methods, and statistical modeling. Master of Science. Face-to-Face.

Journalism: Multimedia Journalism
Learn the skills and concepts needed for digital storytelling across media platforms, particularly the Internet and mobile devices. Graduate Certificate. Face-to-face and Online.

Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute: Technology Entrepreneurship
Envision, develop, launch, and grow innovations. Provides the credentials to be an attractive recruit for innovation-focused companies and organizations. Master of Professional Studies. Online

Psychology: Clinical Psychological Science
Provides rigorous training in the scientific approach to clinical psychology while emphasizing evidence-based assessment and intervention. Master of Professional Studies. Face-to-face.

Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Featuring a broad foundation on organizational topics, provides evidence-based best practices to ask and answer questions that matter in the workplace. Master of Professional Studies. Face-to-face instruction.

Public Health: Behavioral and Community Health
Promotes the development of health professionals to understand and apply the science, theory, and practice of public health toward the enhancement of health status of communities. Master of Public Health. Online.

Public Health: Health Administration
Prepares graduates to manage the many complex health-related organizations including hospitals, health care systems, insurance companies, and more. Masters. Online with a face-to-face element.

Public Health: Principles of Public Health
Provides an inter-disciplinary emphasis on real-world public health practice. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Public Health: Public Health Practice and Policy
Provides a multi-disciplinary curriculum for healthcare professionals to assume leadership roles in addressing important public health practice and policy issues nationally and globally. Master of Public Health. Online with a face-to-face element.

Science Academy: Data Science
Broad introduction to the field of data science, including how to extract and clean data, store and manage large volumes of data, and analyze such data and extract insights from it. Graduate Certificate. Face-to-face/Blended OR Online.

Science Academy: Data Science and Analytics
Provides an education in the theory and practice of data science including mathematical and statistical foundations, computational approaches, and communication considerations. Master of Professional Studies. Face-to-face/Blended OR Online.

Science Academy: Machine Learning
Focuses on the methods and techniques of creating models and algorithms that learn from, and make decisions or predictions, based on data. Master of Professional Studies. Face-to-face/Blended OR Online.

Sociology: Leadership in Diverse Organizations
Learn how to evaluate organizations for best practices, implement policies that impact the capacity to lead organizations, and understand social interaction and human behavior to solve complex problems. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Sociology-Criminology and Criminal Justice: Public Safety Leadership and Administration
Provides advanced leadership training organizational leadership, cultural competency, law enforcement, criminal justice, and data interpretation to prepare law enforcement and public safety professionals for leadership roles. Master of Professional Studies. Online.

Survey Methodology: Fundamentals in Survey Methodology
Provides advanced training to professionally design and execute surveys of households, business establishments, institutions, and other populations. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Survey Methodology: Fundamentals in Survey Statistics
Provides advanced training in sampling design and estimation focusing on acquiring specific knowledge and training in survey statistics. Graduate Certificate. Online.

Survey Methodology: Survey and Data Science
Broadens knowledge and understanding of the emerging fields of data sciences, how sample surveys are conducted, practical applications of data analysis and survey methodology, and data management, along with the skills needed to communicate results. Master of Professional Studies and Graduate Certificate. Online.

The Graduate School: Other Graduate Programs
Designed for professional audiences, the graduate programs listed above are part of the Professional Studies Programs administered by the Office of Extended Studies. For a complete listing of all graduate programs offered at the University of Maryland (business, engineering, public policy, education, etc.), see The Graduate School Graduate Programs.

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