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Professional Graduate Programs

Professional Graduate Programs*

Applied Economics, F2F (UMCP or WDC) 

Applied Entomology, OL 

Beekeeping, OL 

Behavioral and Community Health, OL

Chemical and Life Sciences, OL 

Clinical Psychological Science, F2F

Cultural and Heritage Resource Management, OL

Data Science, F2F 

Enhanced English Fluency, F2F or OL 

Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Blended

Integrated Pest Management, OL 

Interpreting, F2F 

Multimedia Journalism, F2F 

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, OL 

Principles of Public Health, OL

Public Health Practice and Policy, OL 

Risk, Compliance, and the Law, OL 

Special Education, OL

Technology Entrepreneurship, OL 

Translation, F2F 

Urban Agriculture, OL 

* The above listing of professional graduate programs, administered through the Office of Extended Studies, represent a subset of the total graduate offerings at the University of Maryland. For a complete listing, visit The Graduate School Graduate Programs

Note: F2F = Face-to-face, OL = Online

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