Winter Session

How to Register

Timeline & Important Notes | Instructions | Waitlist | Pre-Requisites | Permissions | Syllabus & Instructions

Registration Timeline & Important Notes

Registration Timelines

  • Opens: October 20.
  • Closes: January 4.
  • For other deadlines (cancellation, withdrawals, etc.), see Calendars & Deadlines.

Important Registration Notes

  • Maximum Load Policy: Maximum number of credits for which you can register.
  • 3-week Winter Session: Due to its compressed nature, the Schedule Adjustment Period (Drop/Add) ends on the first day of classes for Winter Session at 11:00 p.m.
  • Online Course Access: After registration, it may take 24 – 48 hours before you obtain access to the online course. Students who register on the first day of classes for a 3-week session will run into access issues, which may cause you to fall irreparably behind.

Registration Instructions

  1. Visit Testudo.
  2. Click on Registration (Drop/Add).
  3. Log in with your Directory ID and password.
  4. Select Winter 2021.
  5. Enter the course(s) (ex. ENGL101) and section number(s) (ex. 0101, WB11) into the Drop/Add table and click Submit Changes.
    • A message may appear in the course block.
    • Read the message then click Ok to add the course.
  6. When finished with registration, you’ll receive an email sent from the Email of Record providing information on how to submit payment. 

Waitlist Instructions


  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 listed in Registration Instructions.
  2. You’ll get the message about the course being closed. To add yourself to the waitlist/holdfile, click the Add to Waitlist button.
    • You'll then be presented with a message regarding the waitlist process. After reading the notice, click the Confirm button to continue.
  3. Select the section(s) you want to waitlist and click the Add to Waitlist button.
    • If open sections are available, click the Open Sections tab and select which section you would like to add and then click the Select button.
  4. NOTE: If you do not type the section number, the system states that there are no open sections for that course and will not give you a waitlist option.

Waitlist Check-in

  1. Beginning on the first day of classes, you must check-in daily.
  2. Visit Testudo) and select Waitlist Check-In.
  3. If one day is missed, you will be dropped from the waitlist and must start over. The move from waitlist status to enrolled status is an automatic enrollment transaction if a seat becomes available.

Course Pre-Requisites

If the course has listed pre- or co-requisite requirements, academic units will access the UMD student record to determine if these requirements have been met. Since visiting students do not submit transcripts for Winter Session admission, the academic units will contact you directly via the email of record and request a copy of your transcript to determine if you have met these requirements. If you do not meet these requirements or provide this information, you will be dropped from the course.

Course Permission

Unlike the fall and spring semesters, Winter Session is open enrollment. You should be able to register for most courses. There are a few academic units that do maintain registration blocks—this is up to the discretion of the academic unit.  To obtain registration access, you’ll need to contact the academic unit via email and request permission to register.  If you are not a degree-seeking UMD student, you’ll need to have a copy of your transcript.  Below is contact information for those academic units who maintain registration blocks for some of their courses.  Only email this unit if the course has a restriction that limits registration to a specific major.

Course Syllabus / Instructor

UMD maintains a Syllabus Repository by term/session and course. Posted on Testudo (online Schedule of Classes), the Syllabus Repository is a PDF provided by the course instructor. If the course/section instructor has not posted a PDF, contact the instructor directly. In addition, only UMD students have access to the repository. If you are not a current UMD student but need a copy of the syllabus, you need to contact the instructor directly.


  • Enter the instructor’s last name.
  • For multiple search results: Determine the department associated with the course.
  • Questions? Contact

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