Winter Session

How to Register

Registering for UMD Winter Session for UMD Students

Registration Dates

Summer Session

  • Opens: February 23
  • Schedule Adjustment Ends: See Individual Sessions, click here

Winter Session

  • Opens: October 25
  • Schedule Adjustment Ends: January 3

Registration Instructions

  1. Visit Testudo.
  2. Click on Registration (Drop/Add).
  3. Select Summer Session (I or II) or Winter Session from the drop down menu.
  4. Log in with your Directory ID and password.
  5. Enter the course and section number(s) into the Drop/Add table and hit ENTER.
    • An alert may appear above or below the registration block.
    • Read the alert then hit ENTER again to add the course.
  6. Students are then directed to submit payment.  See Payment Policy.

Important Registration Notes

  • Maximum Load: Policy on the maximum number of credits for which you can register. Click here.
  • Payment Policy does not follow the standard fall/spring semester plan.  You are not billed.  Should successful payment not post, you may be canceled and lose your seat if the course is full.  Notification of this requirement is sent to the e-mail of record following any add/drop activity.  No additional reminder is provided.
  • 3-week Sessions: Due to the compressed nature of these sessions, schedule adjustment (drop/add) is only permitted on the first day of the 3-week session.
  • Online Courses:  After registration, it may take 24 – 48 hours before you obtain access.  Students who register on the first day of classes for a 3-week session will run into immediate access issues, which may cause you to fall irreparably behind. 
  • Summer Session Non-Standard Courses:  Non-standard courses are those whose date spans do not fit exactly within a 6-week session.  This includes 3-week sessions.  An alert may appear on the registration screen to draw attention to the course meeting times.  Read the alert and then hit ENTER a second time.

Waitlist & Waitlist Check-in

  1. Visit Testudo.
  2. Click on Registration (Drop/Add).
  3. Select Summer Session or Winter Session from the drop down menu.
  4. Log in with your Directory ID and password.
  5. Enter the course and section number(s) into the Drop/Add table and hit ENTER.
    • You must enter the appropriate section number you would like to waitlist, otherwise you will be shown other sections that are still open, or none at all if it is the only section offered for the term.
  6. The next screen will confirm that the course is full. Select the section and hit RETURN SECTIONS.
  7. Beginning on the first day of classes, you must check-in daily. Visit Testudo and select Waitlist Check-In.

If one day is missed, you will be dropped from the waitlist and must start over.  The move from waitlist status to enrolled status is an automatic enrollment transaction if a seat becomes available.  Students, however, must check their waitlist status daily during the schedule adjustment period.  If you fail to check in, you will lose your waitlist status.

Online Learning

Types of Online Courses

  • Asynchronous: Student is NOT required to login at a specific time. An asynchronous course will have this notation: Class time/details on ELMS. Section number begins with “WB”.
  • Synchronous: Student is required to login at a specific time. A synchronous course will indicate this information either within the course description or list a specific online meeting time. Section number begins with “WB”.
  • Hybrid or Blended:  Student is required to attend class meetings or exams on campus as well as to participate in an online element.  This online element will have the notation Class time/details on ELMS (meaning that the instructor will let you know) or it will have a specific online meeting time listed.  Section number begins with “HY”.

Accessing Online Courses

ELMS is the online environment that supports most online courses at Maryland.  The instructor must first load the course into ELMS.  This occurs 24-48 hours prior to the course’s start date. If a course does not show up after you login, first check that you are registered.  Only students who are on the official class list can access the course.

  • If you registered late, it may take up to 24 hours for the system to add you.
  • If canceled for non-payment, you lose access immediately.
  • If you are registered but the course doesn’t appear in ELMS, contact your instructor.

Visiting Students: Non-Photo ID

Visiting students are issued a non-photo ID which must be accompanied by an official, state-issued photo ID to confirm identity.

Mailed to permanent mailing address:

  • Summer Session: If registered before May 1
  • Winter Session: If registered before December 15

Pick-up at Customer Services, 1st Floor Mitchell Building, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

  • Summer Session: If registered on or after May 1
  • Winter Session: If registered on or after December 15

Update Your Contact Information

UMD uses the e-mail on your student record for all correspondences regarding your registration.  UMD assumes no responsibility for the delivery of these electronic messages.  It is the student’s responsibility to maintain current contact information. Follow these steps to update your contact information:

  • Visit: Testudo
  • Click on Change Address/E-mail


Campus parking requires a valid UMD parking permit and regulations are strictly enforced at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  UMD uses a License Plate Recognition system. To purchase a permit or for more information, contact Department of Transportation, click here

On-Campus Housing

Summer Session

  • All Students: Contact Department of Resident Life, click here

Winter Session

  • Visiting Students: On-campus housing in University residence halls is not available. There are hotels within easy walking distance of campus. A search via the Web will provide all necessary information.
  • Current UMD Students: Contact Department of Resident Life, e-mail:



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