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Plans of Study

SIE course sections can be used to design a curriculum appropriate for science-related professional or graduate schools. The plans of study, below, assumes a student starts fall semester and takes all courses here at UMD. In addition, the plans of study are designed to assist students to prepare for the application cycle and associated admission tests.

The exact courses and credits that a student takes depends on the intended career path. Individual plans may vary and students are not obligated to take every recommended course. Students should use this as a guide to develop their individual plan with the program director.

All pre-requisites must be satisfied. A course cannot be taken in the same semester as the pre-requisite. For information on how to determine course pre-requisites, see Course List, below.

Please note: Information on registration, financial and academic deadlines, and more may be found in the grey box at the top of this page. Registration for SIE course sections is restricted to program-admitted students.

Medical School

Dental School

Other Health Professions

Veterinary School

Course Sections

  • SIE courses sections may be found on Testudo (Schedule of Classes). Use Search FilterScience in the Evening."
  • Occasionally SIE offers additional courses sections to those listed below. Topics may include cancer or infectious diseases offered in seminar format to address higher level reading of research literature and critical thinking. Be alert to emails from SIE.

Course Syllabus

  • Posted on Testudo (Schedule of Classes) alongside the offered course, the Syllabus Repository is a PDF from a previous session.
  • The course instructor posts the updated course syllabus via ELMS (Electronic Learning Management System). To learn more, see Accessing Online Content.
  • Only admitted UMD students have access to the repository or ELMS.

Listing & Course Descriptions

Below is a listing of all program courses. For a detailed course description that includes pre-requisites or co-requisites, see the Undergraduate Catalog, Approved Courses as follows:

Course Number Title Credit Level Semester Offered
BCHM463 Biochemistry of Physiology 3 Fall/Spring
BSCI160 Principles of Ecology and Evolution 3 Spring
BSCI161 Principles of Ecology and Evolution Lab 1 Spring
BSCI170 Cellular and Molecular Biology 3 Fall/Spring
BSCI171 Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab 1 Fall/Spring
BSCI201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 Spring
BSCI202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 Fall/Spring
BSCI222 Principles of Genetics 4 Spring
BSCI223 General Microbiology 4 Fall/Spring
BSCI330 Cell Biology and Physiology 4 Fall/Spring
BCSI348 Special Topics in Biology 1-4 Fall/Spring
BSCI442 Principles of Immunology 3 Spring
BSCI440 Mammalian Physiology 4 Spring
CHEM131 General Chemistry I 3 Fall/Spring
CHEM132 General Chemistry I Lab 1 Fall/Spring
CHEM231 Organic Chemistry I 3 Fall/Spring
CHEM232 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1 Fall/Spring
CHEM241 Organic Chemistry II 3 Fall/Spring
CHEM242 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1 Fall/Spring
CHEM271 General Chemistry (II) & Energetics 2 Fall/Spring
CHEM272 General Chemistry (II) Lab 2 Fall/Spring
PHYS121 Fundamentals of Physics I 4 Fall/Spring
PHYS122 Fundamentals of Physics II 4 Fall/Spring
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