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Master of Chemical & Life Sciences

The Master of Chemical and Life Sciences (MCLFS) provides the flexibility teachers need to keep learning and stay current in the STEM disciplines of biology and chemistry. MCLFS will make a powerful difference in your teaching career. This content-based, graduate degree provides in-depth knowledge of current research areas in the biological, biochemical, and biomedical sciences. Designed for middle and high school teachers, MCLFS offers broad academic guidelines and the ability for students to select the courses in which they are interested. 

University of Maryland faculty with academic credentials and experience deliver a better understanding of major science concepts in an interactive environment. MCLFS faculty lead discussions on topics of current interest with significant social impact, including genetic engineering and gene therapy to chemistry, ecology and concepts of bio-complexity.  The program is offered through the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. 

MCLFS is a 30-credit graduate program designed to be completed in as little as 18 to 24 months while minimally disrupting personal and professional life. The program features online instruction, offering flexibility and accessibility that fits in with personal and professional responsibilities. UMD’s online learning environment delivers online content through easy to use web-based technology that enables learning in an engaging, interactive environment. MCLFS uses the term academic calendar: in a 12-week term, students complete course work in 11 weeks; week 12 is reserved for finals.

In 2019, the MCLFS program was ranked 6th in the nation as best online master’s in biology programs

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