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Advising & Program Policies

Advising & Program Policies

Program Advising

SIE advising supports students to begin preparation for a new career, helping students find their way. SIE advising assists with course load and course selection, preparation for MCAT, DAT and other professional and graduate school entrance exams, the application process for professional and graduate schools, and other academic issues.

Dr. Joelle C. Presson, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs, College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences, serves as the SIE Academic Director. Dr. Presson oversees all academics and advising. She and her staff select and review instructors, advise students, and ensures the program’s overall quality. Her direct email is To schedule an appointment:

Elaine Shaw-Taylor serves as the SIE Coordinator, assisting Dr. Presson on all program aspects. If you need to be in touch with the SIE office, make sure that you also include Ms. Shaw-Taylor on any email. Her direct email is

SIE Enrollment Policy

SIE offers program-admitted students access to carefully selected, high quality courses, excellent instruction, and smaller class sizes. SIE course-section(s) are not available to degree-seeking students. SIE provides program-admitted students with exceptional academic advising specific to their career goals, MCAT preparation advice, a collegial program atmosphere, and tuition charged at the in-state rate for SIE course / section registration.

SIE admitted students may register for other UMD course(s) / section(s), beginning on the first day of classes and depending on seat availability. Program-admitted students who register for course(s) / section(s) outside of SIE are not entitled to the SIE tuition rate and are charged tuition at the per credit rate based on their residency.

To remain in SIE, program-admitted students must maintain registration for at least one SIE course-section throughout each semester of enrollment. Steps to maintain enrollment status as an SIE student are as follows:

  • SIE students must register and maintain registration for at least one SIE course-section throughout each semester (fall or spring) of enrollment at UMD.
  • The program conducts reviews of registration status for each SIE student at the end of the schedule adjustment period for each semester.
    • An SIE student who is enrolled for a fall or spring semester but does not maintain registration for at least one SIE course-section at the end of schedule adjustment period, will have their status changed to “Term Only.” The student will be ineligible to register for an upcoming academic semester.
    • Should the student wish to continue with SIE, the student must submit a new SIE application by the published deadlines and pay the $75.00 application fee.
    • Transcripts and MPT scores for the original application are on file and are good for 5 years.
  • An SIE student who no longer wants to continue in SIE but wants to register for daytime course(s)/section(s), must apply through Undergraduate Admissions as a non-degree seeking student. Non-degree seeking students do not have access to SIE course-sections, SIE advising, or other SIE services.

Attendance Expectation

SIE students are expected to attend lectures and labs, take all assessments as scheduled, and to complete all assignments on time. SIE students must abide by all these requirements and will not be given special exceptions or make up assignments due to work or personal schedules or events. While religious observances can be a documented reason for make-up assignments, travel to religious observances is not. Weddings, festivals, or other activities associated with culture or religion are not considered religious observance or excused absences. Students are expected to commit to their academic courses and make accommodations in other parts of their lives.

Maintain Continuous Enrollment

SIE students must maintain continuous enrollment in order to keep their program enrollment active. If you do not register for courses in a fall or spring semester, program enrollment will be canceled. To avoid such cancellation, submit a Petition for Waiver of Continuous Registration for each semester of non-enrollment. The waiver must be submitted no later than the first day of classes for any given semester. See Academic & Financial Deadlines. You may not submit the waiver and then register for non-SIE course-section(s). If you fail to register for SIE course sections or submit the waiver, you must re-apply, including paying the application fee.

Other Policies

In addition to the SIE Enrollment, Attendance Expectation, and Continuous Registration policies, SIE students admitted into the University of Maryland as non-degree seeking students and are subject to all UMD policies and procedures. You should spend some time reviewing these policies and understand your obligations as a University of Maryland student.

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