Industrial/Organizational Psychology

MPS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Make yourself an invaluable member of the team in virtually any setting with the Master of Professional Studies in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. UMD’s program features a broad foundation on organizational topics—including the application of research and statistical methods in business, the handling and analysis of large datasets, the methods of motivating, selecting, and developing employees, and the skill of managing organizational change. Through evidence-based best practices and the ability to ask and answer the questions that matter in the workplace, you’ll improve your marketable expertise and statistical skills, and graduate to a new world of career flexibility, mobility and advancement.

Industrial Organizational Psychology is the study of people in formal organizations, including the workplace. IO psychologists work throughout industry – in consulting, human resources and training departments, government, research, and academia – to improve the well-being and outcomes of employees and organizations. MPS-Industrial/Organizational Psychology provides the rigorous training in the scientific principles and methods of IO Psychology that increases your ability to have a dramatic impact in the workplace. The program helps drive a more productive workplace by targeting employee development, retention, and performance for companies and organizations. MPS-Industrial/Organizational Psychology is offered through the Department of Psychology in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

MPS-Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a 30-credit graduate program designed to be completed in as little as 15 months while minimally disrupting personal and professional life. The program features blended learning with seminar-style, face to face instruction and online lectures and outside activities. Face to face classes meet in the evening at the UMD College Park campus with instruction provided by Department of Psychology faculty and experts in the field.

UMD’s online learning environment delivers online content through easy to use web-based technology that enables learning in an engaging, interactive environment. Online content may include pre-recorded online lectures and interviews with practitioners and synchronous lectures via webcams and headsets with microphones. MPS-Industrial/Organizational Psychology uses the term academic calendar: in a 12-week term, students complete course work in 11 weeks; week 12 is reserved for finals. 

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